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The CAB Service is

  • Independent
  • Impartial
  • Confidential
  • Free

How we can help you

The CAB service is independent and provides free, confidential and impartial advice to everybody regardless of race, sex, disability, sexuality or nationality.

CAB advisers can :
  • provide up to date advice and information using our unique electronic information system
  • link clients to other services and agencies
  • help write letters and complete forms
  • negotiate with creditors
  • make phone calls on a client's behalf and assist them to prepare for tribunals.

The most common problems we come across are:

  • Debt
  • Housing
  • Benefits
  • Employment

But we can also help with consumer rights, legal matters, immigration and many other queries.

If you think we may be able to help you, call in to see us or give us a telephone call.

Click HERE for the address, telephone enquiry line number and opening hours of the Tonbridge CAB.

CAB Interview Room
One of our interview rooms at the Tonbridge Citizens Advice Bureau.

The interview rooms can accommodate children including those in pushchairs, and there is wheelchair access too.

Online information

If you would prefer to read information online, the CAB website may be able to help you. You can also click on the logo below to go to the website.

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Helping the Community through Social Policy Campaigns

Citizens Advice Bureaux have a huge wealth of information about the problems people experience because of the many enquiries brought to them.

We work proactively to prevent similar problems happening to others.

National campaigning

We use this evidence to highlight the effects that policies have on real people in the real world, and to suggest where improvements can be made to the policies and services of national and local government and businesses. We aim to stop problems at their source, using the direct experience of the communities that CABx serve.

Each bureau sends information about the problems brought to them (but not identifying any individual clients) to Citizens Advice. Evidence is collated to help social policy officers identify national trends.

The CAB can then present evidence to policy makers by writing reports and submissions, participating in consultations to improve policies and lobbying Parliament to get laws changed.

Local/Regional Campaigning

With local or regional issues, bureaux may act individually or join forces with other CABx and outside agencies, using their client evidence to lobby MPs, Assembly Members (AMs), councillors, local authorities and others as well as presenting their findings in the media.

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